The quality of fuel in the engine of a car plays a major role in ensuring that the vehicle posts nothing short of an excellent performance. With the level of engineering that goes into the design and manufacture of the Mercedes engine, it is very important to have an efficient fuel system with a properly-functioning fuel tank screen filter. Having good quality fuel in the engine will also prevent damage from coming to the engine components. This is where the fuel tank screen filter comes in.

What does the fuel tank screen filter do?

The fuel tank screen filter is a small component that is located within the engine for the sole purpose of filtering out fuel before it is let into the internal combustion chamber. Through filtering the fuel, the fuel tank screen filter prevents the engine from contamination by trapping any unwanted substances and allowing only the pure fuel to get into the engine.

In the course of driving, unwanted substances such as dust, sand, and tiny stones and debris can sometimes find their way into the fuel. If these substances somehow find their way into the combustion chamber, they can present a number of performance-related problems, and worse, completely damage the engine of your Mercedes. This can be a very unfortunate situation because performance is at the top of the appealing characteristics of the Mercedes.

The fuel tank screen filter in your Mercedes can easily develop problems of its own. The main reason behind some of these problems is clogging of the filter. This happens naturally over time, depending on the quality of driving as well as the conditions of driving. The debris that finds its way into fuel can become too thick and may completely clog the filter, especially if the car is not serviced as often as it should be.

Symptoms of fuel tank screen failure

When the fuel tank screen develops problems, there will be a few symptoms pointing to the fault. Some of these symptoms include:

  • The engine of your car will misfire because of the inconsistency in the amount of fuel that gets into the fuel injectors. This inconsistency will cause the ignition to misfire, especially if you are carrying a heavy load or driving uphill.
  • Your car may experience significant loss of power when accelerating. Acceleration requires more fuel to be injected into the combustion chamber. A clogged fuel tank screen filter limits the flow of this fuel into the injectors.
  • The check engine light on the dashboard will come on to indicate the loss of power in the engine due to insufficient fuel getting to the injectors. The engine of your Mercedes will also slip into limp mode to protect the engine from damage.

How To Maintain The Fuel Tank Screen Filter

The only sure way to ensure that the fuel tank screen filter in your Mercedes remains in perfect working condition is by maintaining a strict servicing schedule. In the servicing process, you should ensure that your technician examines the screen filter to ascertain that it is in perfect condition. This way, they will be able to identify any signs of fault and apply the necessary corrective measures, which often is a replacement.

In addition, you should also adhere to the quality of fuel Mercedes Engine Check that has been recommended by the manufacturer for your Mercedes. This will ensure that the fuel getting into the injectors is of good quality, which will in turn minimize blockage of the fuel tank screen filter. It is also very important to only enlist the services of a technician that has abundant knowledge and experience in dealing with the Mercedes. This will ensure that your car gets very specific care, as opposed to generalized services which may not improve the longevity of your engine.

If you notice any signs of fuel tank screen filter failure in your car, you should immediately take it into a reputed Mercedes repair shop and have a specialist look into it. This should be done as soon as possible in order to minimize damage in the engine that may quickly degenerate into complete stalling.

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* Mercedes-Benz W176 A-Class image credit goes to: DarthArt.