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How To Fix Front Radiator Support Damage in Your Mini

If you own a Mini Cooper, you know how much fun driving these little powerhouses can be. Between their unique design and undeniable strength, the Mini is surely a force to be reckoned with. Besides design and performance, the Mini is known for being reliable. When drivers keep up with its general maintenance, they can expect to keep their Mini on the road for years to come. Although the Mini is known for its strong performance and unique design, this vehicle still faces its fair share of issues. Front radiator support damage is one of the leading problems that Mini owners deal with. Since this vehicle is so compact in comparison to others, the slightest impact can have a drastic effect on not only its look, but its performance.

In order to address this issue, you must first understand what role the front radiator support plays, why damages ensue and how to fix them. Taking into consideration these details is key to keeping your Mini well-maintained. Let’s take a closer look in the article below.

What role does the front radiator support play?

Your engine works constantly to keep your car running. This makes it more susceptible to overheating. The radiator plays a vital role in keeping the temperature of your engine balanced.

The radiator support is what protects the radiator from damage, thus keeping the temperature of your engine regulated. When this important piece is compromised, it causes unnecessary damage to your engine. The radiator support keeps the radiator in place while connecting it directly to the engine. Much like a mount, this vital piece goes hand-in-hand with the radiators overall structure.

What causes radiator support damage?

Car accidents cause severe radiator support damage. This is especially prevalent when your Mini is struck from the front. Unfortunately, as durable as the Mini is, there’s not much protection between the exterior of your car and your internal engine. Because of this, the slightest amount of impact could result in catastrophic damage.

Next, internal leaks could cause damage to your radiator support. This piece is so close to oil sources underneath your hood. If this part is damaged by constant oil exposure, this could result in premature corrosion.

Signs of Radiator Support Damage

If your Mini was involved in a collision, it’s safe to assume your radiator support took a hit as well. If your Mini is able to be driven after an accident, drivers may experience consistent shakes, vibrations, or strange noises coming under the hood. This is especially prominent in older Mini’s, as they may not have the advanced protection to absorb impact as well as modern ones.

If your vehicle wasn’t involved in an accident, there are still signs that indicate radiator support damage. Since this piece is directly connected to your engine, trouble in this department could trigger your check engine light. Although it’s easy to ignore this issue and chalk it up to sensory problems, it’s best to take any flashing light seriously, especially on the Mini. Bring your car in for immediate servicing and let a trained mechanic take a look at it.

How to Avoid This Issue

Since damage done to this vital part occurs primarily from impact, it’s best to use extreme caution when driving to avoid an accident. While we can’t predict the future, we can take steps now to prevent accidents. Those include:

  • Using a turn signal when driving
  • Paying attention to all street signs
  • Exercising caution when driving on the interstate
  • Paying attention to the speed limit

Driving cautiously yet efficiently is key to keeping your Mini in excellent condition and avoiding radiator support damage. Paying extra attention to how others on the road are driving is also a wise way to avoid an unforeseen accident.

We Will Help

It is best to have a qualified mechanic on hand MINI Radiator Changewho is familiar with your Mini and what it needs to operate efficiently. The automotive experts of Group One Motorwerks are your best choice for Mini maintenance in Tucson, AZ. We will go the extra mile to make sure your Mini is driving efficiently for years to come. You will never have to worry about being pressured to purchase parts or services you don’t need. We have you covered.

Mini Engine Mount Failure

Reasons Behind Engine Mount Failure in Minis

Any type of vehicle failure is very serious and can even be fatal. Learning about engine mount failure is essential to understanding when a vehicle needs attention to maximize safety and comfort on the road. For luxury cars such as a MINI, engine mount unbalance may result in extremely loud and uncomfortable car rides. A complete engine mount failure may be very dangerous, especially on the highway. Here is what you need to know about engine mount failure and where to go for help.

What is an engine mount failure?

Just as the name suggests, the engine mount is an attachment that serves the purpose of mounting the engine to the body of the vehicle so that the engine does not simply bounce around and fly out of the car. The engine mount is usually made from metal and rubber parts, so that the metal absorbs the main brunt of shock while the rubber softens the vibrations. Together, they act to reliably protect the engine while also making the ride more comfortable for the driver and passengers.

Like everything else, however, complications may arise where the engine mount is not functioning properly and the engine is allowed more freedom to move around. An engine mount failure refers to the fault when the engine mount is no longer able to sufficiently keep the engine in place. As expected, there are many dire consequences that stem from engine mount failure that need to be addressed. Some of these can be catastrophic for the vehicle.

Problems Associated with Engine Mount Failure

When the engine is no longer mounted properly, it is able to bounce around in the engine bay more strongly. This results in a greater amount of force being placed on the body of the car, resulting in heavy vibrations shaking the entire vehicle. Not only does this make the ride very uncomfortable, but it also can make loud banging noises that are not exactly pleasing during the car ride.

Furthermore, the excessive shaking of the engine and, in severe cases, banging against the walls of the engine bay result in engine damage. Over time, this may lead to other engine complications such as oil leaks, which then contributes to the breakdown of other vehicle parts. Clearly, engine mount failure quickly results in damage all parts of the car, so it is important to fix it as soon as possible.

Dealing with Engine Mount Failure

Given the inherent complexity of the engine mount being under the engine and attached to the body of the car, it is extremely difficult to remove the engine and fix or replace the engine mount by oneself. Also, detecting the specific cause for the engine mount failure is very difficult, so replacing the entire part by a professional mechanic is highly recommended.

First, the engine must be detached from the engine mount so that the engine mount can be easily visible and worked on. After that, the engine mount itself must be detached from the body of the vehicle and either fixed or replaced. However, this is very complicated because extra care must be taken so that the engine does not come into contact with other parts or the inside walls to avoid unnecessary damage.

Finally, the engine mount should be properly removed to avoid damage to the chassis of the car and securely replaced with a good one. When securing the engine mount and inserting the engine, it is of utmost importance again to take maximum care to avoid damage to the engine mount, the engine, and other parts. For the best results, professional advice should be consulted.

The Solution to Engine Mount Failure

Engine mount failure is a serious problem that needs Mini Car Repair to be dealt with appropriately. If you suspect your engine mount might not be working correctly and want to get it checked out, visit Group One Motorwerks in Tucson, AZ, where they offer years of expertise regarding engine mount failures for all your automobile needs. Their specialists provide excellent customer service as well as professional comprehensive auto maintenance, so you can feel assured that your vehicle will be treated well and you can drive safely!

Used MINI Spark Plugs

When You Should Replace Your Mini’s Spark Plug in Tucson

Driving a MINI is fun and exciting. They are uniquely designed both inside and out. They also have an engine that is built to perform. As your MINI begins to age and gets older, there may be some parts that need to be maintained or replaced. One of those parts is the spark plugs. They are essential in keeping your MINI running properly, so they are parts that you should keep new and fresh at all times. Below you will find out more about the purpose of the spark plugs and the signs to look for that will point to them needing to be replaced.

What are Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are electrical plugs that fit into the cylinder heads serve two primary purposes. The first purpose of the spark plug is to ignite the fuel and air mixture. In order for this to occur, an electrical current travels through the spark plug and voltage is created. That electrical spark creates what is used to ignite the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber.

The second purpose of the spark plug is to remove heat from the combustion chamber. The spark plug has to keep the combustion chamber at a low enough temperature so that pre-ignition does not occur but high enough to ensure that the fuel and air mixture does not foul.

Part of this second purpose also means that the spark plug is responsible for pulling the excess thermal heat from the combustion chamber and transferring it to the engine’s cooling system.

Signs Indicating the Spark Plug Needs to be Replaced

In order to keep the engine of your MINI functioning properly, the spark plugs will need to continual close monitoring, especially if your MINI is on the older side. Below are a few signs that will indicate to you that there may be an issue with the spark plugs:

The Check Engine Light Comes On

When it is time for the spark plugs to be replaced, the check engine light is going to illuminate or it will begin to flash. This will be caused by the spark plugs misfiring. The misfiring can lead to uneven power when accelerating, rough idling, and an increase in emissions from the exhaust. One of the ways to avoid misfiring spark plugs is by adhering to the guidelines in the manual about when the plugs should be replaced.

Your MINI Does Not Accelerate Quickly

After you have had your MINI for a good amount of time, you know and understand how your vehicle responds to the commands you give. These commands include accelerating and braking. When the spark plugs need to be replaced, your MINI will no longer accelerate as quickly as it used to. This will be evident to you because it will be a noticeable change. Your MINI will accelerate in a sluggish fashion. You definitely do not want this potentially dangerous issue to continue, so as soon as you feel your MINI struggling with acceleration, you know that it probably has to do with the spark plugs and you should have it serviced right away.

Getting Gas More Frequently

The gas mileage is going to be the last indicator before the spark plugs in your MINI completely fail. You will notice that you are getting less gas mileage than normal. When the spark plugs are failing, they are not able to effectively burn the fuel that is going to the engine. The fuel consumption will increase, which means that you will have to purchase gas more often than normal.

Repairing the Spark Plugs of Your MINI

As previously mentioned, the spark plugs are essential parts of MINI Spark Plug Check the functionality of your MINI. When you begin to notice one or more of the above signs, you should take your MINI in for servicing.

Conveniently located in Tucson, AZ, Group One Motorwerks will be able to provide you with the best German car servicing around. You will be able to bring your vehicle to one of our many trained technicians for a thorough inspection that will be tailored to you and your vehicle’s unique needs. Once the specific spark plug problem has been identified, we will consult with you about replacements at dealership quality but without dealership cost.

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