Tucson Auto Repair

These days, everyone asks "how does your business do things differently?" In a world of hyper fast movement, multimillion dollar companies struggle to keep a new idea for a year or more. Look at LED headlights, for example. Audi originated this idea, Kia followed within two years. Talk about dilution.

That said, I hesitate to spell out the things we can offer our clients in detail, as competitors are free to read and implement my ideas that have taken years to tune and perfect. I will say this, we do our foremost to treat each client and their vehicle with the best we have to offer. It starts with a friendly voice on the phone, convenient drop off and pick up options, and rental cars. Did I mention the best technicians in Tucson who will quickly and accurately diagnose and repair your vehicle?

If something goes wrong (and yes, it happens), it will be addressed. I find what really makes or breaks a business is how it handles itself when something goes wrong. Is that issue corrected as painlessly as possible or is it a parade of excuses? I've seen both and try to run this place as a business I would enjoy going to. By that, I mean - would I frequent my own business IF it wasn't mine? I think lots of business owners would struggle to say "yes" to that question.

So there it is. The real "how we are different." We will do our best to get your vehicle fixed in the most efficient and painless manner and treat it as our own. If any of this strikes a chord, please call, stop by, ask for a shop tour and get to know us. Many of our long term clients have become friends. That is my ultimate goal; to have genuine relationship transactions with friends who happen to need a service we provide.

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