Joanne E.

I have a 2008 Smart Car (with its Mercedes engine), which I have taken to Group One Motorwerks 3 times. With each visit to this amazing establishment, I drive away more impressed than the time before. Ms. Polly Parry is concomitantly personable and professional. She is very knowledgeable about the maintenance insurance of her clients, and works tirelessly to assure that what “can” be covered…IS covered. She sat patiently with me and reviewed what my insurance will cover in the future; unraveling the mechanical/legal vernacular. We discovered together, that the insurance I purchased had minimal value for what the price paid…but I will continue to bring my car here, regardless. Bart Lind is an excellent mechanic/diagnostician, and even went above and beyond to bring back what Polly describes as my little blue Smart car’s pristine condition. Excellent service, proficient work and kind hearts….that is what you will find at Group One Motorwerks!! I highly recommend them. JoAnne Ellis