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All of our auto repair work carries an industry leading 3 year 36,000 mile nationwide warranty. So that Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche drivers can travel beyond Tucson and across the country, worry-free.


For over 36 years, Group One Motorwerks has provided German automobile owners in Tucson, Arizona with exceptional auto repair services. We specialize in full-service car repair and preventative maintenance for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Porsche.


I love Group One. I trust them. They're quick to get my car in and out. The estimates are accurate. They are the best!

Unbeatable Service & Repair for All Major German Vehicles in Tucson

Welcome To Group One Motorwerks

Group One Motorwerks is a full-service German repair & specialist service center. We can handle any repair from classics to servicing of new vehicles. We are make-specific tooled. Our technicians attend a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education per year to stay current in an ever-changing industry. If there is a job we cannot perform such as paint and body repair – we can either refer you to a qualified facility or we can provide concierge service so you can spend your time doing more important things. Either way, any need you have pertaining to your German vehicle, we can address it.

CarFAX callers- We do not share vehicle info with anyone or any outside party without having written (email) authorization from the vehicle owner who paid for service work.
We do not attemptĀ to call a previous owner about sharing previous repairs with the new owner.
We do not give outĀ previous owner information.

Our Repair Philosophy

Cars, much like the people that own and drive them, are each very different.

By that, I mean – not every vehicle we see has had the same care and consideration. We also have very different kinds of vehicle owners. Some will, without question, want every possible detail addressed – even if it isn’t related to how the vehicle runs and drives. Others care to do, and have done, the bare minimum possible to keep the vehicle operable. Most are somewhere in the middle. That said, we try to tailor repairs and services to best fit the client and their vehicle. Most 10 year old vehicles are not perfect, and we don’t feel the need to make them so, unless of course requested. My favorite example is front-end bushings. Will a vehicle of this age show signs of wear? Of course. The question really is, are they still serviceable? Are they symptomatic? Are they causing tire wear or front-end vibration? If the answer is no, then we note it within our vehicle history and monitor them on our next visit. I’ve often found other shops will hard sell such an item that may still have life in it. The same goes for service versus repairs. If we are working within a budget (which, we usually are), and there are pressing repairs, we will address them first. In most cases, postponing service items will not leave a vehicle and its owner on the side of the road. It makes sense to us. If it does to you – call or stop by.

Industry Leading 3 Years/36,000 Mile Warranty And Complimentary Rental Vehicles

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